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Kittico Cat Rescue Closed

We were notified today that Kittico Cat Rescue closed permanently today with no notice. Kittico Cat Rescue     From Kittico’s website:   OUR MISSION:   To help reduce overpopulation of homeless cats and kittens by providing spay-neuter services for

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Why Should I Vaccinate My Dog or Cat for Rabies?

Why do I have to have my pet vaccinated for Rabies? This is very easy to sum up in three words:  Rabies is Fatal! From “Rabies is nearly untreatable once symptoms begin despite all the resources of modern medicine

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Low Cost Vet Care

Low Cost Vet Clinic Outreach Animal Clinic provides low cost vet services. What does this mean?  We provide low cost vaccinations with no exam required.  We also provide low cost spay and neuter and outpatient exams at a reduced price.

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Why We Don’t Spay Dogs Over 35 Pounds

Large Dog Spays   There are multiple reasons we don’t do large dog spays: Large dogs are likely to lose more blood during surgery.  They should be spayed at a full service veterinary hospital with pre-anesthetic labwork, IV catheter, and

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Does Outreach Animal Clinic Take SNYP Coupons?

  DFW SNYP Coupons   DFW SNYP (spay neuter your pet) has been handing out SNYP coupons for low cost spay and neuter for a long time.  People frequently call or email to see if we take these coupons. Ultimately

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Low Cost Cat Neutering in Dallas, TX

Low Cost Cat Neutering In Dallas   One of the most common surgeries we do is the low cost cat neuter. Intact male cats tend to spray in their surroundings and have a very strong urine odor. Having your cat

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How Can I Lower My Pets’ Health Care Costs?

Cost of Pet Care There are a few things you can do to keep your pet’s veterinary bills lower. Keep your pets’ vaccinations current.  Wellness care is always cheaper than treatment.  Vaccinations are cheap compared to sick patient care.  You

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